Katherine Wu

My name is Katherine Wu and I am an Accounting major graduating in May 2019. I first joined BAP during my first semester at USC and that’s where I met some of my closest friends at USC. I also met numerous upperclassmen who served as mentors to me during my recruiting cycle, and was fortunate enough to attend several SLPs. This led to an Audit internship with Deloitte in the San Francisco office, and eventually a full time offer. My experiences in BAP (networking events, professional panels etc.) have helped me immensely, both as a professional and a student, and have allowed me to meet numerous people that have helped me along the way. I highly recommend taking advantage of all the resources and people BAP has to offer, because you will meet incredible people who are willing to help you out!

Brian Lo

My name is Brian Lo and I am an Accounting major graduating in May 2019. BAP was monumental to my experience at USC. It's through BAP that I was able to meet friends and also build a network with peers and professionals. After 6 semesters in this great organization, BAP taught me the personal and professional skills necessary to succeed in life. I attribute much of my success to BAP as I was able to attend SLPs, participate at an internship, and secure a full time offer with PwC. Aside from recruiting, BAP is a close-knit community of like-minded individuals. I've never felt more supported than in any other organization, so I encourage new members to continue on with BAP so that they can experience the same support that I did.