Dear Prospective Member:

Greetings from the Iota Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi! Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary organization whose main objectives are to promote academic excellence and to facilitate interaction with accounting, finance, and information system professionals. In addition to providing firm events and speakers, Beta Alpha Psi creates long-lasting friendships among members through social activities. The Iota Chapter also participates in many community service and joint chapter activities.

As a member of Beta Alpha Psi, you will have numerous opportunities to interact with top professionals from various firms and corporations that may play a crucial role in future job placement and personal development. Not only does interaction with these professionals occur in a formal environment, but in very informal social activities as well.

Your membership allows you to interact with professionals and take advantage of the resources available within the organization. Many Beta Alpha Psi members have already gone through the recruiting process and can provide you with advice based on their experiences. More importantly, many of the members have had the opportunity to experience a summer internship with major accounting firms and private corporations. This gives you the opportunity to speak with members who have had significant interaction with recruiters and other professionals.

You will definitely experience the benefits of being a part of Beta Alpha Psi. Of course, to get the most out of your membership, we encourage you to participate in as many events as possible and to join one of our many committees. We have enclosed a membership application, as well as additional information regarding our organization.



*This application is for applicants who have completed 32 units or more.

Please submit the following items by Friday, September 6th, 2019 at 11:59 pm:

1. Membership Application (Online)

2. Upload your Professional Photo

* Please name your file as “First 4 digits of your USC ID_Last Name_Portrait.jpg” (Ex. 1234_Trojan_Portrait.jpg)
* Please make sure your file is under 20 MB

If you have any classes or works conflicting with weekly general meetings, please fill out GMs Conflict Form in “Next Steps,” after submitting your Membership Application.

3. Your payment submitted via Venmo to (@USC_BAP), or a check payable to Beta Alpha Psi for the following amount:

Member – $199 ($124 membership fee + $75 national chapter fee)
National Iota Member – $99
Experienced National Iota Member – $69
Iota Mentor+ – Free

(The full amount shall be refunded should you not be accepted into Beta Alpha Psi. Refunds to those who are accepted, but wish to withdraw will only be made within one week following the application deadline. Applicants must submit a valid reason that requires approval from the Executive Board)